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Stop My IRS Bill talks about why taxpayers need to hurry to meet tax deadline and the frustration with new tax bill

San Diego, CA, United States – As we all know April 15 is a date that is embedded in the minds of almost every American. Tax Deadline Day. This year, however, more and more taxpayers file last-minute extensions in large part due to the sticker shock of the expected refund they will not be receiving.

The new tax bill was promoted as giving the biggest tax cut to a huge swathe of people when it was announced and passed. Many taxpayers were expecting to see a larger refund than before.

“For many, the experience is and will remain very frustrating. What many are doing is opting, at the last minute, to file the automatic extension and perhaps get a second opinion or even a third. The frustration of expecting a $1500 or $2300 refund, only to find out they actually owe, has left many taxpayers sour over the so-called tax break,” – stated James Harnsberger of Stop My IRS Bill. He added: “In the weeks ahead it is reasonable to expect to see more and more frustration as IRS notices go out and taxpayers begin receiving notices, as many will have an added harsh reality when they eventually file their 2018 return and have the underpayment penalty and interest added to their bill.”

About Stop My IRS Bill: The founder and CEO of the company, Mr. James Harnsberger, is an enrolled agent with over 35 years’ experience in Tax Representation and Resolution of tax problems and provides assistance to taxpayers to find solutions for tax problems. With the competent and devoted team of various tax professionals, the company is able to help people with a variety of IRS problems.

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