What are some tech hacks for small business owners?

With all the technology available online and some of it can be availed of for free, entrepreneurs should really look into what can help with their business. Let’s take a look at some tech hacks that can benefit small business owners.

  1. Plan your posts on social media way in advance

If you’re not on social media nowadays, then people might think that you don’t exist.  But taking the time to post updates on the latest news about your enterprise might just take up too much time. Try to plan a week ahead so you can schedule what you want to say to your followers who can potentially invite other followers. There’s a tool called Hootsuite that can assist you in covering all of your social media platforms. By scheduling the time to be seen and heard, you help get your business the recognition it deserves.

  1. Seek tech advice through crowdsourcing

The beauty of social media is that you have access to wisdom and information that can help you in the long run. Check out different business groups that are related to your field. By asking advice from the right people, you get that much-needed support you wouldn’t have received if you did it alone. Connect to the world to be better informed and stay equipped to tackle the challenges of your business.

  1. Customer notification alerts can be set up

HubSpot or PipeDrive are software applications that are available to track and analyze your potential customers’ behavior. A notification alert can be sent to your email when someone clicks on your site or downloads a video. Email invites can also be automatically sent out to those who happen to show interest in what your business has to offer. That virtual assistance can really increase your customer engagement.

  1. Be available through an automatic appointment software application

Calendly can be linked to your Google or Outlook calendar. Potential clients can be sent a link to your personalized Calendly Site. There they can see what slots are available for them to confirm an appointment with you. The more people fell that they can get in touch with you, the more likely that they would like to continue engaging with your business.

  1. Freelancer services can be readily acquired at a greatly reduced cost

There are numerous freelancing sites that offer everything from graphic design services to copywriting support. The rates can start from as low as five to ten dollars to even ten times that amount. But, please be diligent in checking out the reviews of your hired freelancers. They might become more of a headache than the bargain exchange that you were hoping to get. Always make sure that you seek these virtual assistants on reputable sites. It would be so stressful to be left in a bind with unfinished projects because the freelancers just disappeared.

So, with all these tech hacks readily available, research carefully and pick the ones that can really help you out. With the right support, your business is sure to succeed.


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