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Stop My IRS Bill Reveals: IRS Monitors Taxpayers’ Social Media for Investigations

Summary: Local tax firm, Stop My IRS Bill reveals that the IRS is using social media tracking for people under audit as a means of collecting data.

San Diego, CA, United States – A renowned tax firm in San Diego, Stop My IRS Bill, announced today that it is now focused on the growing trend by the IRS to monitor and use social media in collection and examination cases, whereby taxpayers who are undergoing an IRS audit or collection matter can likely expect the IRS to review their social media pages and review the content and information they may be posting.

James Harnsberger, Enrolled Agent representing taxpayers in all matters dealing with federal taxes, stated, “The IRS has recently increased its use of social media review techniques, and, by all accounts, this could be problematic for taxpayers in an audit or collection case. Imagine posting on Facebook your new Mercedes, your recent trip to Paris, the cruise ship trips and all the bling you bought to show your “friends” how cool you are, not realizing the IRS is watching you and taking note of your lifestyle and all the bling you may not have included in your financial disclosures.”

The IRS also employs numerous social media investigation teams around the country with tech types searching the internet and looking at all the great disclosure information posted in millions of posts hourly. Taxpayers may not realize the public domain of the internet affords no privacy, and, if you post, the IRS can and likely will read it. When disclosing financial information to the IRS, be aware you do so under penalty of perjury and you want to make sure you review every aspect with a professional before signing any financial disclosure document for the IRS.

About us: Stop My IRS Bill is a local firm headquartered in La Mesa, CA, and specializes in the representation of taxpayers who have disputes or problems in filing or paying taxes when dealing with the IRS. The firm, Stop My IRS Bill, recently employed new measures in early 2018 to include that every client in any matter before the IRS is reviewed for all social media and internet posts so as to at least have an equal footing with the IRS in the information posted by a taxpayer in the public domain that could pose problems the taxpayer may be unaware of.

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