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6 Productivity Tips from Productivity Experts—the CEOs

How can we be more productive in our business? This is a question that every startup company wants to know. And who best to answer this question than the successful chief executive officers (CEOs) of various companies. Here are the productivity tips, according to top CEOs.


Plan ahead

There is a saying that goes: failing to plan is planning to fail. Keep the entire employees in the loop of the company’s plan. This is usually what Monday meetings are for. You set out the week’s goals and point out specific tasks. Facebook’s Director of Product Fidji Simo told Fortune magazine: “Write down your priorities on Monday morning, and rearrange your agenda for the week to make sure it will allow you to address these priorities.”


Don’t procrastinate

But don’t get caught up with the Monday meetings! Some companies enjoy the discussion too much that they end up meeting the entire day. Where’s the productivity in that? Keep the meeting brief and implement strategies right away. Do not procrastinate. “Just get it done right away,” Anthony Tan, the CEO and co-founder of Grab, said is one of his productivity tips. “I don’t wait until I get home. I take calls wherever I am. I execute on any feedback I get right away. That way, the work never piles up.”


Restrict Internet access

Social media is making people unproductive. But you have to admit that some tasks demand Internet access and even social media access. Depending on the employee’s specific task, Internet access should be curtailed. Or if the Internet is important, at least, some websites should be barred in the office. Focus is a requirement in productivity.


Schedule breaks

A break is the best way to recharge. So one of the many important productivity tips a business should consider is this: Allow employees to enjoy some break in the morning and afternoon—between 15 and 20 minutes. Of course, a lunch break is mandatory. People actually became more creative when their mind is rested. And sometimes, the best ideas pop up when one’s brain is not convoluted with official tasks.


Stock up on healthy snacks

Your brain needs proper nutrition in order to function. Encourage employees to eat healthy. One way to do that is to have the office pantry stocked with healthy food—fruits, vegetable snacks and a lot of water. Every office needs a coffee, but perhaps it’s time to get into the organic coffee beans. By keeping only healthy options in the office, you are encouraging your employees to practice a healthy lifestyle. And a healthy employee is a more productive employee.


Give deadlines

Every task should have a deadline. But of course, don’t give deadlines that are impossible to achieve quality is more important. But the point of having a deadline is that your employee will focus on nothing else but the task until it is finished. As Wizz Hosting CEO Tony Messer pointed out in one of his productivity tips, “It’s okay if you get a little bit behind; just try to shave a few minutes off another task to be caught up.”


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