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How to save at least $500 a month?

When your wallet feels a little bit light, maybe that’s a strong signal to start saving more and spending less. Perhaps by going through the list below, you just might be able to find ways on how to save about $500 a month.

Negotiate for better bank fees

Just by taking a closer look at what your bank’s charging you for the past year, present these numbers to your bank manager and see if he or she can give you a better offer. Your goal is to lower the fees charged by the bank, and the manager also wants to maintain you as a satisfied client. When both of you agree, you just might have saved yourself about 10 to 40 dollars.

Bring down your cable costs

The competition in cable viewing loyalty puts you at an advantage. Call up your cable provider to find out if they can offer you a better package to keep you on their client list. A good number of cable companies would rather lower your monthly fee than lose you completely. You could probably generate about 25 to 40 dollars in additional savings.

Get a better deal on credit card fees

Observe just how many credit card offers to arrive in the mail for you. They’re all out to win your business, but you also want to avail of the best deal possible. Kick in your debating talent and find out how these companies can give you the best bang for your buck. The savings may vary depending on what options are available, but with your renewed financial savvy, savings are the end in mind.

Make some money from your hobby

If you’re able to whip up a delicious batch of cookies, you should consider selling these baked goods to your colleagues and relatives. If repair jobs are your thing, feel free to charge those needing your fix-it-up services. Doesn’t hurt to walk the dog to get some exercise and make some money out of it also. Getting some income from doing what you love may rake in about 50 to 300 dollars.

Check out cheaper generic options

Generic medicines give you the more affordable option with the same efficacy compared to branded products. The reason they can pass on these savings to the consumer is because they don’t have marketing expenses. Just by scouring the shelves, pick out the generic items that give you what you ask without demanding too much in return, in terms of price. You’ll probably achieve about 100 to 200 dollars in monthly savings just by switching to generics.

Review possible alternative transportation channels

At the moment, you are probably shelling out $200 a month just to make sure you have enough fuel in your tank. Why not consider walking, commuting or biking as an alternative means of transport? Sharing a ride with others or carpooling presents the same means to an end. Keep your maintenance costs down while saving the environment may translate into about 100 to 200 dollars more in your pocket.

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