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Do you own Cryptocurrency?

Do you own Bitcoin or other digital currency assets?

Did you know the IRS has already begun efforts to launch investigations aimed at taxpayers using cryptocurrency? AND this is only going to become a bigger issue in the months ahead!

Cyptocurrency taxation

Our tax professionals include tax attorneys, CPA’s, and Enrolled Agents all of whom have a deep understanding of the complex rules in reporting cryptocurrency. IF you hold these assets in a foreign account you also have FBAR and FinCen disclosure requirements and the IRS is already conducting investigations aimed at taxpayers who fail to report or disclose these assets!

If you hold these assets in an account in a foreign jurisdiction and you are using a name other than your own name this could lead to serious problems if you become the subject of an investigation by the IRS!

Let us help you TODAY determine your best course of action! Take advantage TODAY of our FREE CONSULTATION and FREE CASE EVALUATION to determine the best course of action to your Cryptocurrency tax issues!

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